How to send bulk whatsapp messages

How to send bulk whatsapp messages

In the Nutshell of WhatsApp:-

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Today the world is getting digitalized. We can do every single activity online, and people can easily reach out to numerous others with a single click. I was thinking that how to send bulk whatsapp messages, too, because it allows you to send your message to only five people at once. Thus, repeating this process numerous times to send the message to everyone can be very hectic and time-consuming. I began exploring the internet for a better way to send messages to multiple people on WhatsApp at once, and then I learned about the process of sending bulk messages.

There are a lot of software on the internet for sending bulk messages, and we can even use WhatsApp APIs to do the same function, but all of these have pros and cons after proper research of every option. I found Whatbulkblaster, and it made the whole process of sending bulk messages to people very easy for me.

Bulk messaging is an excellent method of reaching out to a large number of people quickly, and it is beneficial for small and medium businesses to advertise themselves without many expenses.

In this blog, you will learn about the how to send bulk WhatsApp messages feature and also elementary steps to be able to use this fantastic feature provided by WhatsApp. What are the pros and cons involved in using different processes, and finally, what is the best and easiest way to use this feature?

What are Bulk messages?

Bulk messages are marketing messages that are delivered to a large number of individuals (including potential clients) at the same time on WhatsApp.

How to send bulk whatsapp messages

WhatsApp comes with a bulk of unique features, and one such is sending bulk messages. Isn’t it amazing to send many users a message at one time? It reduces your time and effort and ensures that you don’t miss out on someone while texting them, as you can select everyone and send the message to them at a single time.

You can send personalized messages to many users by using WhatsApp. API means WhatsApp Application program Interface, which allows the business to send and receive notifications to many numbers of users seamlessly.

There are two ways of sending bulk WhatsApp messages:

  • Sending through the use of official WhatsApp API
  • Sending through the use of unofficial software tools.

Pros and Cons of sending bulk messages through various processes.

Before we discuss the process of how to send bulk whatsapp messages. Let us first understand the pros and cons of doing it both ways:

  • Pros and Cons of doing it through official WhatsApp API:

Showing whatsapp business Api for bulk messages sending


  1. There is no risk of your phone number getting banned by WhatsApp.
  2. The official API provides chatbots that are used for sending messages. Thus, reducing your efforts.
  • It can easily schedule the messages sent to the users, increasing the reliability of WhatsApp API.
  1. WhatsApp APIs give you green tick verification, thus increasing the business’s credibility using this feature for sending messages.


  1. The API provides many features, but you can only use it for business purposes and not for personal uses.
  2. This feature requires API approval, and if anyone cannot get the approval, they won’t be able to use it.
  • The templates are present which are used for sending messages, and those templates must be pre-approved by WhatsApp.
  • Pros and Cons of doing it through Software tools:


  1. The first benefit of using this method is that it is easy to set up. Thus, it is user-friendly.
  2. The second benefit of this method is that you can use it without getting approval from the official WhatsApp API.
  • The message templates are present only in the APIs, and users who use the software tools are not bound to use the pre-designed templates, and thus, there is flexibility to draft messages as per the need.
  1. One of the most common reasons for using the software tools is you can use it for personal and business-related messages.


  1. The most alarming demerit of these tools is that social media apps like WhatsApp can bring in changes and new updates. So, all these software may stop working as per the latest updates.
  2. Since such accounts sending bulk messages are not verified by WhatsApp thus, WhatsApp users can report the messages received from it, and the app can ban such accounts. Therefore, you won’t be able to use it for sending messages anymore.
  • There is no procedure for getting the verification’s green tick without using WhatsApp API; thus, the credibility of these accounts is reduced, and people don’t trust the services offered through such messages.

Now let us go into the depth of using these two methods:

First of all, for using the WhatsApp API, the official API Id should be there. Thus, the first thing that is needed to be done is to create an official WhatsApp API.

1. Apply for WhatsApp API:

You should fulfill the following pre-requisites to get WhatsApp API:

  1. The display name of the business- If you do not have a display name for your business, then you can’t get the WhatsApp API. So, please decide on the display name of the business before applying for WhatsApp API.
  2. Verified Facebook business manager Id- Getting a verified Facebook business manager Id is straightforward. If you wish to get a verified Facebook business manager Id, you may log in to
  3. The last requirement is to give your WhatsApp number. Anyone applying for WhatsApp API must have a WhatsApp number, so you can effortlessly fulfill this requirement.

2. Sending bulk messages through Cloud Based WhatsApp Marketing Software:

Sending bulk messages through Whatbulkblaster:

Whatbulkblaster is a Cloud Based on WhatsApp Marketing Software, and it is one of the best software to perform this feature as I have personally used it and never faced any problem. The amenities this software comes with make it one of the best to use in the market. The fantastic features include:

 Cloud based whatsapp marketing software's interface


  • Unlimited Bulk Message
  • Multiple WhatsApp Account
  • WhatsApp Beta Login
  • Chatbot: Best for Customer support & Same Answer Reply
  • API to Integrate: WordPress, PHP, .Net or, any website
  • Send OTP, welcome message, invoice, etc.

Miscellaneous tips:

How to send bulk whatsapp messages, can get you banned from WhatsApp, but there is anti-blocking software as well that one might use to overcome this problem. Thus, one needs to be meticulous while using it.

An anti-blocking agent, Whatbulkblaster includes a collection of options that might assist you in sending many messages without having your account blocked.

1: With Whatbulkblaster, you may send numerous message variations at the same time. For example, if you deliver messages to 1000+ numbers, you may generate 5-10 distinct message variations to ensure that your messages remain unique.

This whatsapp software having more supporting softwares for marketing

2: We give sophisticated settings such as message timeouts and other options to keep your account from being banned.

Your WhatsApp account determines the number of messages you may send. If you have a new phone number, start by sending 50 SMS daily. Increase it by 10% daily for a month, and you can achieve 3000-4000 texts.


Using software like Whatbulkblaster, we can easily send bulk messages and save much of our time.

Though it seems very easy to reach your customers through this process, one may get banned from WhatsApp by sending bulk messages. Therefore, it is essential not to spam your customers. Though the WhatsApp APIs are rarely restricted, you should still be careful while sending bulk messages and ensure not to inundate your customers with the same message.

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