How to change font style in WhatsApp without any App

How to change font style in WhatsApp without any App

WhatsApp has so many features that many users are unaware of; the feature to change font style in WhatsApp is one such feature. Some unique features can vary how you enjoy the texting experience over WhatsApp. Fonts play a significant role in making your texting experience enjoyable. Let’s deep dive in “How to change font style in WhatsApp without any App“.

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Why changing the font style is preferred?

If you use a smartphone for an extended period, you may have difficulty reading text with different fonts in different applications. All the applications have different fonts which can be frustrating for the users. On the other hand, some people dislike the default font style provided by WhatsApp and therefore wish to change it.

Real-life examples

For example, suppose someone mainly uses WhatsApp for official purposes and wants to ensure that he does not misread any text. He prefers official fonts such as Times New Roman or Georgia.

If a person loves artistic things, that person would like to have some creative fonts on his WhatsApp. Then the person may want to have cursive fonts on his WhatsApp, which can make the text look beautiful and creative.

How this blog is helpful !

If you have also faced problems with the font on WhatsApp, this blog will help you deal with this situation. Are you one of those people who is looking for different fonts in WhatsApp because you are tired of the default font? You have come to the right place. 

WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows you to interact with text messages. This application does not allow you to change the font style. If you are tired of using the default fonts and want to use your own, this post is for you. This article will explain How to Change the Font in WhatsApp Messages on Android and iOS devices. You can use this trick to send different text messages to WhatsApp instead of the default font style.

You can change the font styles, and in addition to these, changes in the font can also be made, such as the fonts can be made in Italics and bold if extra emphasis is to be laid on it. You can also make the fonts strikethrough.

We will show you how to change the font style in WhatsApp without using any apps. To change the font style in WhatsApp, follow the steps outlined below.

Steps how to change font style in WhatsApp without any App

Steps to be followed by the Users of Android:

  • Hold the text you want to change in place, then click the three dots in the mini window.
  • Choose from bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace as desired.The red colour box is showing font style icons of whatsapp

If you do not want to do it this way, you can change the font by doing the following.

  • To change the text style on WhatsApp to italic, add an underscore on both sides of the text, for example, _text_.
  • Add an asterisk on both sides of the reader to make it bold, for example, *text*.
  • To strikethrough your message, insert a tilde ~ on both sides of the text, for example, ~text~.In the red colour cricles showing the result of italic,bold and strikethrough.

Steps to be followed by iPhone users:

  • Tap and hold the text you are typing before selecting BIU.
  • Choose from bold, italic, or strikethrough.
  • To change the font style of the message to typewriter font, add three apostrophes before and after the text, as in “text.”

Steps to change the font style with the help of an app:

  • First and foremost, download and install the Fonts Keyboard application.
  • After installing the app, enable all the keyboard permissions it requests by tapping the Enable button.
  • Then, you will see an alert message; tap the OK button.
  • Now, open WhatsApp or another messaging app, and when the keyboard appears in the typing section, tap the keyboard icon in the bottom right corner and select the Fonts keyboard option. It will make the Font App keyboard your default for that messaging service.
  • After setting it as your default keyboard, you’ll notice various font styles above the keyboard layout. By sliding and selecting fonts, you can choose the font of your choice.


A stylish font can help you transform your texts to look cute, flowery, vintage, serif/sans serif, bold, italics, or any other way you want. It can help you personalize your texts and is very useful for writing digital letters, greetings, and invitations to family and friends. They are an excellent way to structure text messages and make them visually appealing.

This blog “How to change font style in WhatsApp without any App” contains the most straightforward idea to change the font style of the text and make your texting experience unique.

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