How to add music in whatsapp status

How to add music in whatsapp status

WhatsApp began as an SMS replacement. It is now used to transmit and receive text, images, videos, documents, location information, and phone calls. WhatsApp allows users to put their status as well, through which they can share their special moments and know about what’s going on in the life of others. You can even add Music to WhatsApp Status to make the status interesting. So let’s discover the secret of how to add music in WhatsApp status. 

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About WhatsApp status

WhatsApp Status is a terrific method to express yourself and share special moments with your family and friends. WhatsApp Status was introduced in early 2017, allowing users to share photographs, GIFs, videos, doodles, and other content for 24 hours, similar to Snapchat or Instagram Stories. So, if you have posted any status on WhatsApp, it will automatically be deleted after 24 hours.

WhatsApp statuses are used for sharing many things, the pictures of any function in your family, wishing birthday wishes to your close ones, showing your interest in the issue of going to the country or the world, and everything which you find interesting. It basically allows the viewers of your status to know about your likings and also tells how creative you are while putting the status. Thus, people also start conversations with each other based on their WhatsApp status, allowing them to have conversations on various related things.

For example, if there is a new law introduced by your country’s legislature and you express your opinion about the law on WhatsApp status, whether supporting it or opposing it. All your friends on WhatsApp will be able to see that status, and they can know a lot of things about you from your story, your ideologies, thinking, likings, knowledge, etc. further, if someone agrees or disagrees with that status, is definitely going to message you about it and then you can have a conversation on that topic with the person to share your thoughts. So, a small status update of yours can have many strings attached.

Need of an interesting WhatsApp status

Now, since everyone using WhatsApp also update their status, thus, it becomes necessary to stand out from the crowd and make your WhatsApp status look more creative than others so that people can like your status update and cannot stop themselves from reacting in the form of any message or emojis. Adding songs or music to enhance your WhatsApp status is a great idea. Adding music to your status makes the status livelier and more fun. You can also use audio instead of songs to make it look more appealing. Audios like shayaris, poems, or dialogues with some music that suits the cause of your status will definitely grab your contacts’ attention.

So, you’re probably wondering how to add a song or music to your WhatsApp status. 

This is very simple. There are several options for adding background music to your WhatsApp status. This blog will give you the two best methods for adding music to your WhatsApp status: 

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Steps to how to Add Music in WhatsApp Status

The steps are the same for both Android and iOS users.

The first method is the easiest as it can be done without any third-party app and directly from your phone’s camera. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open any music app on your phone and play music.

Step 2: While the music is playing, go to the status option on your WhatsApp app.

Step 3: Press and hold the capture button for an extended period of time to record a video while music plays in the background.

In this method, you can also directly record the video from your phone’s camera without going to WhatsApp. Then, launch WhatsApp, open the status, and upload the status from your gallery

The second method can be done with the help of 3rd party software, which is used for editing pictures and videos. Much software can be used to edit the videos and add music to them to put in the status. Some software I would recommend is Inshot, Video editor, etc.

Step 1: On your phone, record the status video. It might be anything you’d like to share with your friends. Don’t worry about playing the music in this one; we’ll add it later.

Step 2: Once you’ve recorded the video, import it into the InShot Video Editor software.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate music volume level after settling on the song. It is best to the original video volume at this stage because it may introduce unwanted noise. After that, save it.

Step 4: Launch WhatsApp, navigate to your profile, and update your status with the video you just created. It is preferable to watch the video before sharing it and to share it only if everything is in order.


The methods for adding music on WhatsApp is the same for Android and iPhone users, and it can be done directly without using any other third-party app. However, in this case there are chances that unwanted audio or noise can also get recorded along with the main video. Thus, in order to ensure that the audio quality is smooth the use of the third-party app is recommended. It makes the whole task easy as the process of adding audio through this method is really simple.

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