How to send blank message in whatsapp

A person is sending blank message in whatsapp


Start this blog with the How to send blank message in whatsapp.WhatsApp is the most likable social media app today; the users are multiplying with each passing day. It is so because WhatsApp has all the exciting functions in one box and is very user-friendly. Since we use WhatsApp every day, despite all of the features chatting on this app can become tedious, so, to make it fun, we can share many innovative messages such as memes, gifs, and blank notifications.One day I was sitting with my friend, and then I got a message pop-up on my phone; I was surprised to see that there was nothing in it, and still, I got the message notification. I showed it to my friend, and even he was unaware of such messages. The empty message notification made me open the chat, and still, there was nothing in that message, but that blank message did the magic and made me reply to that person immediately, asking How to send blank message in whatsapp . 

No wonder he acted wise and said it’s magic which made me google How to send blank message in whatsapp. If you are on this page, you must have faced a similar situation, but don’t worry. This blog will help you to send blank messages effortlessly. To know the complete process, keep reading the blog and enjoy blank shipping messages to your friend.

What is a blank message?

First of all, let’s understand what a blank message is. It is simply a message with nothing in it, not even a dot, a number, an alphabet, but not a single thing.

Empty characters, blank characters, invisible characters, and whitespace characters are all examples of whitespace characters. They appear to be spaces but are distinct (Unicode) characters. They are used to show space without the usage of space. Consider the following scenario: you wish to utilize an empty value in a website or application, but spaces are not permitted. You can use one of the characters from our site for this circumstance. They are sending an empty message, for example, or setting a form value to blank. If the program blocks out other Unicode characters, the characters on this website may not function properly. 


How to send blank message in WhatsApp

Isn’t it funny? Let me tell you; It is very creative and intelligent of you to send the blank message as it keeps the fun alive and asks the receiver to construe its meaning based on the previous conversation or the current situation between the messengers. Also, let me tell you that you should use a blank message only for informal texting, and it cannot at all be entertained in traditional texting.

Follow these steps to send a blank message:

In the previous version of WhatsApp, even if we copied a blank space from the Google search bar and then pasted it on WhatsApp, it used to send the blank message, but currently, this is not happening. Now, it can be done through free apps available on Appstore or play store; these are the steps to be followed:

For both Android and iOS users:

STEP 1: Download the app called ‘Blank text’ from the play store or app store.

How to send blank message in whatsapp

STEP 2: Open the app, and an option of selecting the number of blank characters will appear. The number of blank characters decides the length of the empty message.

in red colour showing the "number of blank charachters"

STEP 3: Put the number of blank characters accordingly in the app.

in red colour putting the number in blank area

STEP 4: SEND option will be present in a blue color whatsapp icon. Tap on that send option.

In red circle showing whatsapp icon to send message

STEP 5: It will open WhatsAppSelect the contacts to which you wish to send a blank message.

In red circle showing contact number where we want to send blank message

STEP 6: Once you have selected the contacts. Tap the send button, and this will send the blank message successfully.

In red rectangular our message is sent. this is last step of "How to send blanck message in whatsapp"

BINGO! Let your friends wonder what it is and how you have done it….

The second way of sending the blank message is easier; follow these steps to send a blank message by this method:

STEP 1: you just have to visit this link ‘’ 

STEP 2: As you open the link, a copy option is visible on the screen. 

Coded link showing in tab with copy button

STEP 3: Copy by clicking on the copy option.

Copy button highlight in red rectangle

STEP 4: Open WhatsApp and the chat where you want to send the blank message.

Pasting some link in whatsapp chat to send blank message

STEP 5: Paste the message in the message box.

STEP 6: Send the blank message. The blank message is successfully sent.

Blank message sent successfully

Miscellaneous tips:

  • There are other apps on the play store that perform the same function. For example, No word.
  • Once you have sent a blank message to a friend, then you can copy it and send the copied blank messages to other friends instead of going to another app each time you want to send the blank message.


Sending blank messages is a straightforward process, and it makes your friend wonder what it is and thus makes the conversation fun and interesting. 

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