How to tag everyone in the WhatsApp group

This image show how we can chat on whatsapp

How to tag everyone in the whatsapp group

In today’s time, How to tag everyone in the WhatsApp group is trending now because WhatsApp groups play an essential role in official communication among every organization. However, some  people tend to keep themselves off from a group, and in such cases, if an important message has to be sent, then there is the possibility that they might not see the message, and thus, they will not follow it. Therefore, tagging your friends/ receivers in the message can be a boon to overcoming this issue. As if you tag all the people, then even if they have muted the group, they will receive the notification. Unless they’ve muted your conversation, mentioning someone in a group will override any mute notifications the contact has set for the group.

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Real-life examples of the usages:

Any organization, from an educational institution like schools or colleges to a working place, the organization has its group to send the message at once to every concerned person. If any message is sent in such groups, then all the people can easily get the message and follow it. If you are a student, then during your exam days, you might keep the group notification silent, and there is a chance of missing out on important information if you have not been tagged in that message. Thus, this feature is helpful as it saves a lot of time and ensures no one is left to receive the message.

Suppose you are a businessman and advertise your product through WhatsApp groups. Generally, it is found that people used to turn off the notifications of such groups. Thus, it will reduce the reach of your business. However, when you know that some products will appeal to a certain kind of people, then you surely want to tag that person in the message and thus ensure that they see that message.  

Many individuals want to know how to mention everyone in a WhatsApp group. There’s no need to panic since we’ll show you how to mention everyone in a WhatsApp group in today’s post. Through this article you can learn ‘How to tag Everyone in the WhatsApp group’ in the sent messages.


Through this blog, you can know ‘How to tag Everyone in the WhatsApp group’ in the sent messages. 

By following the steps given below an Android user or an iOS user can easily tag people in the group and make sure that everyone reads that message. I have tried to cover all the steps from beginning to end so that each and every person can take benefit from it.

STEP 1: Select the Group

After opening the WhatsApp application on your phone, select the group in which the message has to be sent.

Selecting the group from whatsapp chat in mobile

STEP 2: Type the message

Tap the message box and then the keyboard screen will appear. Type the message that has to be sent.

In this second step we typing message in chat of whatsapp group

STEP 3: Type the character ‘@’

After typing the message type the character ‘@’ from the keyboard and then select the name of the person who has to be tagged.

We are selecting a member of this particular group by @

STEP 4: Trick to ensure no one is missed-

To ensure every person has been selected. Select the person’s name alphabetically as the name screen which appears after typing ‘@’ displays the name in alphabetical order.

Likewise you can show in screen we can select to every person of group by alphabetically

STEP 5: After selecting the names send the message by tapping the send button.

Now our message message is sent with How to tag everyone in the whatsapp group.

Miscellaneous tips-How to tag everyone in the whatsapp group.

Currently the users of WhatsApp through mobile phones have to select the required number of people to be tagged, manually and one by one. However, the users of WhatsApp Web on the desktop can avail the function of tagging everyone at once without manual or physical selection of different people through the help of coding’s done on Java.


At last, I would like to mention that there are many articles and videos that talk about how to tag everyone in the WhatsApp group through a mobile phone but as per my research they all are doing it manually and not at once except for the trick of the python coding which can only be done on through WhatsApp web. For more such type od blog you can follow us.

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