How to hide contact in WhatsApp

How to hide contact in WhatsApp

The number of users over WhatsApp is increasing day by day. End-to-end encryption, which is active even while using several devices, is one of the qualities that attracts many people to WhatsApp above other instant chats. Consequently, we can observe that more users are concerned about their privacy via Facebook Messenger.

This blog will give you the most straightforward steps to  How to hide contact in WhatsApp.

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What is the need to hide the contact on WhatsApp?

Privacy is paramount today, where social media has almost all the data you feel is private to you. Suppose a person upload something on Facebook. Now all the people in the world can access that data whether they want it or not, but WhatsApp is more secure than other apps regarding privacy.

There are many reasons why people want to hide contacts over WhatsApp. It can be because of privacy reasons or because of some other personal reasons.

There are instances when you don’t want to communicate with contact and don’t even want to see their name when you open WhatsApp. One of the most straightforward solutions is to remove the contact. But deleting the contact is not always an option because you might not want to lose their number.

Real-life examples of hiding contacts

Let’s take a few examples to understand the situation in a better way. Suppose A is an employee of ABC company and he has taken a month’s leave from that company. Now he would not like to have the company’s chat on his WhatsApp screen for that duration as it will be useless. At the same time, he cannot delete the records from his side as he knows he has to go back and join the group. The best option that he can avail is to hide the group’s messages for the period when it is not required and then bring it back to the standard home screen whenever needed.

Let’s take another example of someone who knows there are chances that someone else in the family or some friends can open their WhatsApp. So, to ensure that the messages you want to keep private and no one else sees should be hidden from other people, hiding the conversations is the best option for a user to maintain privacy.

What is Archived chat?

Archive chats are one of the options provided by WhatsApp that allows us to hide our discussions and make them visible as soon as we open the program. This function is intended to create conversations that we no longer use to disappear from view and cease to disturb us.

When we archive a discussion, it disappears from the main page of WhatsApp. However, it is still accessible via the Archived Chats menu without deleting the oldest conversation that we still have on the main screen of the program.

Steps to be followed to how to hide contact in WhatsApp

Follow these steps to archive the chat in WhatsApp:

  • To begin, launch WhatsApp on your smartphone.There is chat screen of whatsapp application
  • Scroll down until you discover the conversation of the contact you want to hide.In the red colour box showing a contact name of a whatsapp chat list
  • Tap and hold the chat of the person or group you wish to hide.Tapping and holding a contact name that is showing in red colour box of whatsapp cht screen.
  • Now, in the upper right corner, click the archive button.The red colour arrow is showing the icon 'Archive' in whatsapp chat screen.
  • You have successfully archived the chat and hidden it.In the red colour box you can see 'archived' icon. Here you can see hidden contact list.

The chat will be archived and only appear if they send you a message.

If you want to unhide the chat after a certain period, you can easily do this by following these simple steps.

Here's how to unhide a hidden contact in WhatsApp.

  • Launch the app on your smartphone.Launching whatsapp in mobile.
  • Select the ‘Archived’ section of the webpage from top.In the red colour box the icon of 'Archived' showing in the top of the whatsapp chat screen
  • Click on it now.
  • Locate the conversation that you want to unhide.In the red colour box is showing that contact which we want to unhide
  • Please tap on the chat and then hold it.

Now, in the upper right corner, click the unarchive button.

Miscellaneous note:

The steps for hiding the contact by archiving it are the same for Android and iPhone users, and you can archive the chat by the same steps.


By following these easy steps, you can easily hide the contacts on your WhatsApp and then unhide them if it is required in any case. It is straightforward to hide contacts on WhatsApp through these steps and thus ensure that the privacy of your WhatsApp is maintained.

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