Bombay Marketer SMS Service

With more brilliant SMS campaigns, fast OTPs, alerts, two-way interactions, and other award-winning SMS services, Bombay Marketers assist in increasing sales and customer happiness.

What we offer to customers

Bombay Marketer SMS Service

With more brilliant SMS campaigns, fast OTPs, alerts, two-way interactions, and other award-winning SMS services, Bombay Marketers assist in increasing sales and customer happiness.

What we offer to customers

Developer-friendly resources

With a few lines of code, you can send SMS. For shortcuts to typical use cases, start with in-depth API documentation or open-source code examples.

Support for high-volume, global senders

With worldwide senders and redundant telecommunications infrastructure, you can deliver SMS to your end consumers no matter where they are. With flexible software to enable phone number management, sender selection, compliance, content, and answers, we've overcome scale issues.

A platform that scales with you

SMS is only the beginning. Using the same API, add MMS, WhatsApp, multichannel messaging. Use the same leading Customer Engagement Platform to add voice, video, and e-mail when you're ready to expand your channels.

The most cutting-edge, user-friendly, and comprehensive bulk SMS service platform available.

A platform that scales with you

Short links to photos, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets, and more may be easily inserted into bulk SMS messages to attract your consumers' attention. In 160 characters, convey more information.

With a simple click, you may get real-time delivery and produce reports.

With real-time SMS delivery data and comprehensive click analytics for all weblinks and attachments delivered as Textlocal short links, you can track campaign reach and effectiveness. Metrics for SMS campaigns may be tracked.

Mobile solutions can help you increase engagement.

From our online site, you may create discount certificates and tickets, as well as web surveys and questionnaires.

Send tickets and surveys that are mobile-friendly.

Accounts, users, and data may all be managed.

Dual VPNs and missed call numbers

With simply missed calls and SMS auto-replies, you can manage leads, receive support/sales inquiries, and more. With our dual VMNs, you may get SMS and missed calls on the same number.

A platform that is both intuitive and powerful

Send one SMS or a million; our user-friendly online interface can handle up to one million SMS messages at once.

Messages tailored to you

Import your contacts from a CSV or Excel file with ease, then personalize messages with merge fields that draw data from contact data.

Security and Compliance

Using opt-out keywords or opt-out URLs, make sure your SMS campaigns are compliant. We use high-level encryption to keep you and your customers' information safe.

How may Bombay Marketers' SMS service benefit your company?

SMS is a potent communication tool that cuts through with a 98% open rate.

Customers should be communicated with effectively.

SMS allows huge groups to get your customized message in real-time, with an 8x higher response rate than e-mail. Turn a one-way text into a two-way discussion with your consumer.

Measure the effectiveness of SMS marketing.

Get information on the delivery & interaction summary by the recipient with thorough reporting available on our platform. You can check which individual contacts received the message, as well as who replied and who opted out.

Manage your contact database with ease.

Create different lists for customers, leads, staff, communities, attendees, or other groupings to organize massive contact datasets. It's as simple as sending a spreadsheet.

Useful links

Learn how to put our SMS service to work for your company.

Learn how to put our SMS service to work for your company.

Campaigns for SMS marketing

To increase your sales, send SMS with special deals, in-stock updates, new product releases, and more.

Notifications and mass alerts

Customers, employees, and community members may be kept up to date through SMS updates, notifications, alerts, and confirmations.

Reminders for events in bulk

To eliminate no-shows, quickly and easily automate the delivery of invites, confirmations, and reminders.


Send shift reminders, messages, and confirmations to your employees quickly and easily so you can focus on your company.

Boost your company's performance

For appointment reminders, marketing campaigns, notifications, and alerts, SMS is a wonderful method to interact with consumers and workers.

Text messaging is a quick, simple, and dependable way to add to your communication arsenal.

Our team of professionals can assist your company in better reaching out to customers.

What is the purpose of Message Media?

What is the purpose of Message Media?

A platform for messaging that is best in class.

Try our rich messaging platform if you require more than 160 characters. We've got you covered with custom solutions for any use case and the greatest gateway and SMS APIs in the industry.

Expertise that has been proven and trusted

Over 65,000 clients in every sector rely on our trusted massage professionals at all hours of the day and night. We understand the issues you're having and how to resolve them.

Partner with the most connections

We keep you linked with direct linkages to carriers, simple methods to interact with the technologies you already use, and strong industry ties.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see what's on your mind, reach out to us anytime.

  • You may easily grow your business by generating quality business leads for it with the help of our online bulk sms marketing solution.

  • For approval, upload all of your message content (template) along with the chosen routes to the DLT platform. Once all the approvals are done, you can forward to another step.

  • A non-technical individual might manage their bulk SMS campaign on his or her own with the help of our Simple Bulk SMS Panel. Just click to move forward.

  • Text message sending is available during business hours (10 a.m. - 6 p.m.)

  • Each and every business that wants to use the SMS service in India must register on the DLT platform with instant delivery services, in accordance with TRAI regulations.

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