In the realm of online marketing, social media advertising has become quite similar to sponsored search campaigns. Nowadays, it's crucial for enhancing your visibility on social media platforms. People dedicate as much as two hours a day to these platforms, and more than 90% of marketers are convinced that their strategies for promoting on social media have significantly increased their company's exposure. Furthermore, 75% of them have noticed a growth in their website's visitors. If you're looking for a paid social media marketing agency in India, you're in the right place. Bombay Marketers is here to elevate your social media game and boost your brand's presence.

Either you're starting started with digital marketing or want to fine-tune an existing campaign, Bombay Marketer's PPC (pay per click) experts are here to assist you with each and every element of your social media campaign management.

We can help you with the following forms of social media marketing:

  • Facebook advertising: For optimal audience engagement, Facebook allows individuals to include both text and images in the campaign. You may reach your users based on their likings, demographics, and location, as well as the amount you wish to spend per click.

  • Advertise on YouTube: YouTube is one of the most popular search engine, with a greater grownup viewership than any cable network. Over 90% of Web users say that video influences their purchase decisions.

  • Advertising on LinkedIn: social media is crucial in B2B connections; 64% of brands follow other firms on social media platforms. You may engage with all these B2B customers using LinkedIn Ads. LinkedIn Ads offers two payment options: cost per click and cost per mile.

  • Twitter advertising: You may pick from a variety of campaign objectives, such as Twitter engagements (retweets, likes, replies), website clicks, app downloads or engagements, followers, or even referrals, and you'll only be charged when your chosen activity is performed.

  • And other platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Types of Social Media Ads



Platforms offer different types of ads that are targeted to meet a particular objective. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are all aiming to accomplish the same goals::

  • Drive traffic to your website

  • Promote brand awareness

  • Generation of leads (only through Facebook and Instagram)

  • Your post or page will receive more engagement

  • Increasing app downloads

  • Optimize conversions

The value of selecting the right paid social media marketing agency in India

With more and more social media platforms to choose from and more popping up day after day, deciding where to invest your digital advertising funds may be challenging. You will, however, be squandering your money if you select the inappropriate social media site to promote on. Bombay Market has specialized in this and can therefore assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see what's on your mind, reach out to us anytime.

  • Paid web-based entertainment is a strategy for showing ads or supported showcasing messages on well known virtual entertainment stages and focusing on a particular sub-crowd.

  • Search commercials and show ads are of the most important classes of paid social media advertisements. Seek ads seem when the customer is already looking for an answer or product, at the same time as display advertisements appear at other instances.

  • It can be an extremely efficient manner to manual extra site visitors for your website and grow business, no matter the scale of your operations. It isn't always too luxurious, and subsequently ideal for small organizations.

  • Planning entails:

    ● Begin together with your goal.

    ● Recognise your audience – in element.

    ● Pick the right social media platform(s).

    ● Determine who you're focused on.

    ● Placed your retargeting tools in place.

    ● Pick out the pleasant ad layout(s).

    ● Create your marketing campaign content material.

    ● Set your price accordingly.

  • It tackle with your present customers and encourages your today's highlights. With many one of a kind systems to pick from and different forms of ads, Itwill will let you cater to one-of-a-kind audiences and options

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